Cellular Catcher

Cellular Catcher

Cellular Catcher The Cellular Catcher model CC1440 is a cellular data interception and cellular firewall, used to capture and control targeted cellular phones. As a cell catcher, it extracts cellular data of the mobile handset, including the IMSI and TMSI [as well as the handset phone number] off the air, without alerting the target or interrupting the communication process.

The Cellular Catcher is designed with a Cellular Firewall that can limit communication access to authorized users only. This Cellular Firewall is deployed between trusted, approved users and an area covered by cellular service providers, also known as an un-trusted public communication zone. For example, the trusted users may be a group of approved cell phone users working at a penal institution, while the area covered is the geographical land within the cellular zone covered by local cellular service providers.

The Cellular Firewall may permit or deny access to the cellular service providers within the covered zone, based on established permissions set by the administrator. Only authorized cellular users, at their source connection to the service provider networks, can be permitted to gain access and commence with sending and receiving calls, while all other cellular users will be denied. The only registration necessary is for approved users. All others will be automatically identified and then denied.

As a cell catcher, the system extracts and stores the:
IMSI number TMSI number Phone number

Cellular Firewall: Through a filtration process, cell phones can be white/black listed to control access to the operational networks, so if your local regulations prohibit RF Cellular Jamming, then the Cellular Firewall feature will insure compliance and NOT JAM but deny access only. This form of Managed Access is very helpful when permission status is granted to some mobile phone users, while denied to others.

Network Manageable: The Cell Catcher can be remotely managed from your local area network.

Data Storage: Over 3 million numbers can be stored on the device. An unlimited quantity of numbers can be stored to a local or network PC.

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