Cellular Interceptor CC2800X1

Cellular Interceptor CC2800X1

Cellular Interceptor CC2800X1

Most Cellular Interceptor platforms possess 4 to 8 Channel capacities to manage system resources during the interception process. Unlike most Cellular Interceptors, we begin with a minimum 16 Channel allocation for Cellular Monitoring. Our standard intercept solution (our most basic version) surpasses other single and multi channel systems produced by competing groups. Our interception applications are of a 100% focused Narrow-band technology, with optimized sensitivity that can extract cellular communications "off the air".

As an alternative to wide band receiver and or partial narrow band receiver telemetry found in inferior cellular interceptors used by competing groups, ours is truly a Narrow Band format made of proprietary and sensitive receiver boards using direct filtration of the spectrum. This yields a more sensitive acquisition of communications be they voice and or voice data.

Exclusive features of our Cellular Interceptor model CC2800X1 include:

  • Class Mark Alteration: A proprietary process used to enhance Decipher Load Reduction for fast decryption yielding real-time results.
  • UMTS Interception without brute force jamming.
  • Directional Antenna Option for focal point mission monitoring.
  • Dynamic Allocation of Receiver Resources.
  • Self Learning Capable: A unique feature our software engineers have created. The Self Learning Mode enables our system to "recognize" cellular architecture patterns used to acquire targets in multiple environments with precision capability.
  • Emergency Data Purge: Allows the operator to eliminate all interception records and history security details should the system fall into unauthorized hands.
  • Cellular Detection: Automated Signal Strength Processing
  • SMS Interception including universal language processing

Is that all? Actually there are many more features and options.

What makes the CC2800X1 unique? Aside from its valued precision performance, the support aspects are very much appreciated by Government users. Remote support variables include Network Analysis, Remote Diagnostics, and upgrade capacities. Should a user require assistance, HSS is there to help make intelligence gathering simple and efficient.

For more information on the Cellular Intercept functionality or performance factors, you may Contact Us for documentation on our systems, read how our Cellular Intercept compares to other competitors, or visit us for a Demonstration.

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